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Relationships - Signs of a Cheating Wife

Written by Dr. Laurent Mikhail
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Here below, there are some usual signs you can find on a cheating wife.

Here below, there are some usual signs you can find on a cheating wife

It is important to let you know that they are not the only ones and they are not definitely signs either. This means that your partner could do some of these actions and not necessarily being cheating on you.

Take these as yellow lights, to start looking further, but not as full probe that your partner is cheating on you.

Even before these signs, your feelings are probably the most important indicator that something is happening. Why do you have these feelings? You have them because you start seeing things you never saw before until something in your mind start telling you very softly… Is there someone else? Is she cheating on me? And most of the time you know the answer in advance… but you need probes.

Here are some warning signs of a cheating wife or husband.

1. She starts spending more money or time than usual on clothes and on her appearance in general.

2. She does not answer her cell phone often and she tells you that it was turned on all the time. She doesn’t know what happened.

3. She erases all her text messages from her cell phone on a regular basis.

4. She has a cell phone you don’t know and especially if the bill arrives any other place but your house.

5. She disappears for hours and she says that she was shopping or she went to pick up some groceries.

6. You find any method of birth control that you haven’t discussed together about using it.

7. She spends more hours than usual on the computer, especially if it is when you are not home or late at night.

8. She has a new email account and she doesn’t tell you about it.

9. She buys herself new underwear, especially if it is sexier than the one she has always used.

10. She stops trusting you her worries and problems.

11. She gets nervous when you step into the room where she is using the computer. Changes windows, closes programs or shut down the computer among other actions.

12. She invents an excuse to stop wearing her wedding ring or she starts to forget her wedding ring after shower or sleeping often.

13. She starts spoiling you (Yes, this is good! Odd, but is always true) with things, actions, etc. she usually did not agree to do it before. Why is this? Well, this is the most common way to ease the guilt for women.

14. She stops complaining about things you don’t do that you know she always have complained about. It is related with the one above.

Catching a cheating woman is much harder than catching a man. Women lie better and even if you catch them with inconclusive proofs (or sometime conclusive), she will tell you that he is only a friend and she will do her best to make you feel bad telling you that "how you dare to think" that she is cheating on you, even if she is doing it. This is the first line of defense for a woman.

What can you do?

The most important part of the job has to be done within you. You have to convince yourself that you are not in any way the reason of her betrayal. She failed, not you. She is a cheater, not you.

Be careful, when confronting her. She will do her best to make you feel that you failed in something (usually something very stupid) just to justify her betrayal. Don’t fall into her game. For example, she will tell you that she was tired that you did not walk the dog... yes, that stupid, but everything is an attemt to cover the real issue... her betrayal.

Take very good advice to keep high your self esteem, either through good self-help books or even professional help. Your self esteem is the first victim of cheating and if you loose it or damage it, you will be defeated. Therefore, the most important advice that you can get from this article is: work on your self esteem as you never did it before.

I do not encourage revenge, divorce or any specific action, but you deserve to know the truth, after all, whatever you choose to do, it will be fine if you feel fine.

There is nothing wrong with forgiving and continue your life with that person. She will always know that you forgive her. However, if you decide to continue, you will have to let it go or your life will become bitter.

If you cannot forgive, take the most peaceful way to end the relationship, especially if you have children. Please, have in mind that you are doing that way for yourself and not for the cheater. It was your choice, not a reaction of her betrayal.

Taking the path to end the relationship could be painful, but if you think it is the best for you, do it as quick as possible to avoid pain to yourself. Do not take this choice with rage or after a fight or confrontation, think carefully about it.

You have to know and understand, that this person, that you used to know very well and lived with her so many years, will become a complete stranger and you won’t believe the nasty things she will be capable to do and say causing you so much pain.

Dr. Laurent Mikhail is a communication professional who has helped several couples to understand each other after a cheating problem. Within his site you can find further information.

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