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The ultimate hobby: the ancient art of wine making

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Grapes grown in Dundee, Scotland Grapes grown in Dundee, Scotland

Just finished making the first batch of wine from fresh grapes grown here in Dundee, wine making has

Just finished making the first batch of wine from fresh grapes grown here in Dundee, wine making has been around since ancient times and it made sense to include it the the hobbies and pastimes section.

Grapes are accepted as the most reliable fruit for wine making and having a vine laden with succulent fruit growing in the back garden I decided to have a go at producing a gallon or so of homemade wine.

There are a few utensils needed to produce wine, thankfully I was able to find everything needed as a job-lot on gum tree, I purchased a fermentation bin, Demijohns and a mixture of other winemaking equipment for next to nothing, my major expenditure was yeast which I got from my local supermarket.

I started by picking the grapes and separating them from the stems, I then blanched the grapes in boiling water to kill any bacteria before placing them in a sterlie muslin bag.

I made up a yeast starter to speed up the fermentation process, this also help the wine keep all the fruity flavour of the grapes.

I placed the muslin bag in a sterile fermentation bin and pressed the grapes releasing the juice from which the wine will be made, I added a little sugar and hot water to the must before adding the yeast started I made earlier.

Everything went to plan and the wine is slowly fermenting turning all the sugar into alcohol.

Once primary fermentation is over I'll transfer the wine into a demijohn and let the secondary fermentation take place, I expect to rack off the wine maybe half a dozen time before bottling and leaving to age a little before enjoying.

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