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Scottish Gemstones: Elie Rubies

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Elie Rubies Elie Rubies

Elie Rubies are the name given to beautiful red wine coloured garnets which have been gathered for centuries

Elie Rubies are the name given to beautiful red wine coloured garnets which have been gathered for centuries in the quaint little village of Elie, the garnets are found in abundance on a beach between the lighthouse and Elie harbour which is aptly named Ruby Bay, armed with this information we recently decided to try our luck finding Scottish Gemstones at this secluded beach in the east neuk of Fife. 

The best place to find Elie Rubies

Surprisingly Elie rubies are very easy to find, simply lie on the gravelly sand between the low and high tide marks and gently brush the sand aside, you'll see the rubies glistening in the sunlight as you slowly uncover deeper layers of sand.

Garnet's magical powers include healing, energy and willpower, uncovering your first Elie Ruby is a magical moment you'll cherish forever, the beautiful garnets from this seaside village have been mounted in pieces of jewellery since Victorian times and large one's still have a significant value today.

Garnets were traditionally exchanged between friends to demonstrate their affection and to ensure that they would meet again, a trip to Elie in search of Rubies is a highly recommended day out which will cost you nothing, you may even find a precious stone worth a small fortune.

The picture shows some small rubies collected from the beach at Elie.

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