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Creating a vegetable garden

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Creating a vegetable garden in the Dundee and Angus area is a simple enough task, with some of the most fertile soil in the world available at your fingertips, all it requires is a little time and effort and you could be enjoying fresh home grown vegetables all year round.

Common sense tells us that anything freshly picked from your own garden has to be good for you, it is hoped our brand new gardening section will give you the inspiration to start enjoying fresh vegetables grown in your own garden.

For your own convenience the best spot to grow vegetables is nearest the kitchen, long ago the vegetable garden was hidden out of sight but in a modern housing scheme this is not a viable option, smaller compact gardens means space is limited but a thoughtfully planted vegetable garden can still produce enough food to easily satisfy an avarage family.

In an ideal world you should choose a sheltered spot that faces south or east to help catch the sunshine, otherwise think about planting a low hedge or building a fence to help protect your vegetable patch and ensure your crops flourish in your chosen location.

Adding compost before planting will ensure any soil has enough nutrients for the plants to grow well, in many gardens a couple of raised beds will look good and help with planning crop rotation for the future.

The sense of achievement you'll feel when your new vegetable plot is producing fresh and wholesome vegetables is one of the most satisfying aspects of gardening you'll ever experience.

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