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Planned closure of Menzieshill High School

Written by Steven Sewell
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 Jim McGovern at Menzieshill High School Jim McGovern at Menzieshill High School

Making clear his opposition to the SNP’s planned closure of Menzieshill High School Jim McGovern, MP

Making clear his opposition to the SNP’s planned closure of Menzieshill High School Jim McGovern, MP for Dundee West said:

“Menzieshill High School is an integral part of the community, and the planned closure shows the ruling council administration’s callous and high handed disregard for the people of Menzieshill, Lochee and Charleston.

“The Council’s decision making process seems at best flawed and at worst foolish. In response to Menzieshill being a little short on numbers of pupils, they have decided to overfill Harris Academy and leave it bursting it at the seams.

“Given that there are serious questions over the future capacity of Harris Academy in light of the city’s hoped for economic growth and most new house building being planned in the west of the city, this seems like poor management.

“We already know there is no educational benefit to be gained from closing the school and it seems in fact that the opposite will be true; by choosing to have Harris Academy over capacity, the council are choosing to damage the education of our children.

“As if this wasn’t bad enough the proposed savings are unlikely to be anywhere near the levels they claim. Their proposed savings rely massively on reducing teacher numbers, however in their recent agreement with the Scottish Government to sustain teacher numbers, Dundee City Council effectively negated these savings.

“The SNP administration’s determination to delay the final decision until after the General Election in May is a cynical attempt to avoid being held to account by the electorate. In leaving the parents and pupils in limbo, they make clear their willingness to play politics with people lives.

“Bad for our community, bad for pupils, bad for parents and failing even on their own inadequate terms, these plans need to be scrapped as soon as possible.”

Also commenting on the planned closure, Cllr. Norma McGovern of the Lochee Ward said:

“In looking to leave Lochee as the only Council Ward without its own high school, the city council is showing a complete lack of understanding of what binds communities together and what makes them strong. In making this decision, the City Council are effectively denying that we are a community with a future.”

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