Dundee office due to re-open after flood damage

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The Dundee Messenger office in Albert Street has been closed following extensive damage caused by severe flooding in a property managed by Direct Lettings.

After the deluge, the office had a massive hole in the ceiling, a floor littered with debris and what appears to be extensive damage to the computer systems used in the design and implementation of this publication.

Years of records were also totaly destroyed after filing cabinets were filled with water cascading from the flat above, the incident will take us years to recover from.

Following the incident I spoke with the tenant of the flooded property who said:
"I've been complaining for months to Direct Lettings about the leak and nothing has been done about it, I feel sorry about the damage caused to your business".

Contacting Direct Lettings proved a complete waste of time, I soon become appalled at the diversionary tactics and quickly resented being treated like one of their downtrodden tenants, "the property manager will phone you", "It's her day off", "She's in a meeting".

Further investigation has revealed that this is normal procedure, unhappy tenants around the city have grown used to being fobbed off with lame excuses from the private letting sector.

If Direct Letting choose to walk away from their responsibilities, it's down to them, life will still go on in Albert Street.

Anyway, the repairs have been carried out at my own expense and the office will be open for business in early february.

To highlight the issues encountered I'll be adding a property section to the publication next week.

As well as featuring decent property to let in Dundee, tenants living in sub standard accommodation will be able to upload pictures of dampness, fungus and the dodgy wiring they often have to contend with, I believe simply naming and shaming bad landlords will be enough to force them into improving the living conditions of private tenants.

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