The Auld Steeple, the oldest surviving building in Dundee

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The Auld Steeple The Auld Steeple William Shand

The Auld Steeple is probably the most iconic building in Dundee, St Mary's Tower pictured above was completed in the 1480's, the Original Building dedicated to St mary was destroyed in 1303, following an attack by the English, led by Edward I.

During the twelfth century, David, Earl of Huntingdon, was returning from the Third Crusade to the Holy Land, when his ship encountered a raging storm, David prayed for deliverance and was shipwrecked on the north bank of the River Tay, he named his place of salvation, Donum Dei (God's Gift), which has grown into the city of Dundee.

David built the original Church in honour of the Virgin Mary as a token of gratitude for his dramatic rescue from the elements, can't say it worked as the existing building shows evidence of damage by Cromwell's army under the command of General Monk when they laid siege to the Tower in 1651.

The Auld Steeple plays a vibrant part in modern dundee and also stands as a reminder its turbulent past.

Auld Steeple image by William Lafferty

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