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William Shand
61 Albert Street
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The Dundee messenger started life as a College project and is constantly changing to reflect the latest web design techniques as they become available, the publication gives me the opportunity to try new things before implementing them on a clients website.

With camera's available on even the cheapest mobile phone i ask that any press releases should be accompanied by an image to assist with the overall design of the publication, you can even send a video to accompany the article.

I have no training in journalism but do have a passion for design, photography and writing the occasional article, in the "real" world I am available to offer clients a wide range of website options to help an internet based business grow and become more successful, strict attention to detail and up to date techniques ensures that designs are visually pleasing and search engine friendly to ensure maximum visibility.

I take great pride in web design and relish building lifelong relationships with clients that are mutually beneficial, if you like my work use this form to contact me for a competitive quote to enhance your presence on the Internet and help boost your business.

Hobbies and Pastimes

Elie Rubies

Scottish Gemstones: Elie Rubies

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Elie Rubies are the name given to beautiful red wine coloured garnets which have been gathered for centuries
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The ultimate hobby: the ancient art of wine making

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Errol Car Boot Sale, the largest in Tayside

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Genealogy: Our guide to tracing your family history

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