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Mains Castle - immortalised in verse by William McGonagall

Written by Rahanna Chalmers
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Mains Castle is a medieval structure dating back to the 16th century, known locally as Fintry Castle

Mains Castle is a medieval structure dating back to the 16th century, known locally as Fintry Castle, the castle of mains is thought to have been built in 1562, which is confirmed by a date carved over a doorway

The castle is believed to have been built iby Sir David Graham, nephew of Cardinal Beaton. A keystone in the western gateway also bears the date 1562 as well as the initials DG and DMO for David Graham and Dame Margaret Ogilvy, Mains Castle is extremely historical and an integral part of history of castles in the City of Dundee.

Consisting of several buildings surrounding a beautiful courtyard.  The castle has a large six floor square tower house.

Containing a sacred well the Suuny Vie as we would know it is really called St Sinavey, which is probably a corruption of St Ninian, as Old Mains Kirk was definitely dedicated to him

The location being in Caird Park the castle overlooks the Dighty Valley, is adjacent to a small stream, the Gelly Burn and on the opposite side lies the cemetary.

This ancient graveyard holds the mausoleum of the Graham Family.  Strange things are said to have gone on here.

The Castle of Mains is associated with so many famous names.  One of those was a poet named William McGonagall, who wrote the poem below.


Ancient Castle of the Mains,
With your romantic scenery And surrounding plains,
Which seem most beautiful to the eye,
And the little rivulet running by,
Which the weary traveller can drink of when he feels dry.
And the heaven's breath smells sweetly there,
And scented perfumes fill the air,
Emanating from the green trees and beautiful wild flowers growing there.

There the people can enjoy themselves
And wile away the time,
By admiring the romantic scenery In the beautiful sunshine;
And pull the little daisy,
As they carelessly recline
Upon the grassy green banks,
Which is most charming to see,
Near by the Castle of the Mains,
Not far from Dundee.

Then there's the old burying-ground,
Most solemn to see,
And the silent dead reposing silently
Amid the shady trees,
In that beautiful fairy dell
Most lovely to see,
Which in the summer season
Fills the people's hearts with glee,
To hear the birds singing and the humming of the bee.

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