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Balgarthno Stone Circle - a scheduled ancient monument

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Balgarthno standing stones Balgarthno standing stones

Balgarthno Stone Circle, also known as 'Farm of Corn', is a scheduled ancient monument, in Dundee

Balgarthno Stone Circle, also known as 'Farm of Corn', is a scheduled ancient monument, in Dundee.

There is no doubt that the ancient circle at balgarthno played a key role in the life of the early inhabitants of the area. Thought to have been set aside for judicial matters this circle is part of a larger arrangement which included the circle at Mylnfield and the Druid temple in the grounds of Camperdown park.

Little is known about the temple near the west gate of camperdown park and the last remaining stone of this ancient formula was unceremoniously removed by the parks department a number of years ago, another stone at the rear of camperdown house can be seen and I'm trying to find information about its origins.

The Mylnfield circle however was described last century as being eliptical in form and consisting of six large boulders-three at the east, three at the west, with a gap between capable of containing an equal number of stones. (Elliot, Lochee as it was and as it is)

Balgarthno Stone Circle GR (354-316) The Stone Circle viewed from above from a satellite photograph looks perfectly round the stone circle is in the middle of a sports playing field there's some graffiti damage to the heel stone.

Myself and a friend decided to douse the site to find any lay lines, after a few minutes we soon discovered twelve lay lines radiating from the centre of the circle, these lay lines were very similar to a standard looking clock face, we feel this site is very important in this sacred landscape of Tayside.

Historic Scotland has taken a great interest in this site and possibility do a dig on it. The ordinary folk in this area have taken on the role of guardians of this site and have fought a running battle with the local council in the upkeep of this very important Scottish site.

Dundee City Council at at this precise moment reviewing plans to upgrade the surrounding area with shopping facilities, car parks and petrol stations. What we must understand when this stone circle was laid out by the ancient people, they knew that (stone is the fabric of earth, and such is a great symbol of the everlasting soul which are all one together) in their time and also today in the 21st Century (Stefan Pocula)

. An excavation of balgarthno circle in the middle of the 19th century uncovered a jet ring of a late prehistoric period which is now in the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.

With reference to the supposed Druid temple at Camperdown, with the exception of a standing stone near the west entrance to the demesne not a vestige remains of this reputed scene of ancient formula. The stone advered to was smooth, oblong and of no great size. Amongst former residenters of Lochee and estate retainers a tradition was long current that a cave or subterranean dwelling had existed quite close to it.

Having regard to circles wherein sacrificial rites were observed, a slab of stone was a conspicuous object in that dread ceremonial. It has been conjectured the the Temple at Mylnefield was equipped in this manner. Would it be probable, therefor that the elongated stone which now stand upright like a mute guardian near Dargie Church, had been the medium by which that awesome ordinance was accomplished?.Elliot p204/5

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